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Thread: FIFA World Cup 2018 Live on Kodi

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    FIFA World Cup 2018 Live on Kodi


    Read an article on . Can anyone suggest a good Kodi Addon other than Kdil or KickOff, or iPlayer WWW? I need good addon which won't interrupt FIFA transmission. Since Kodi addons are strictly monitored due to piracy and copyrights issues, therefore I need one good addon which won't be taken down or won't stop the live streaming in the middle of the game. Please do suggest me if you can.

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    kodi as with any dodgy satellite there is no guarantee what we can watch today don't mean we can watch it tomorrow any body that guarantees dodgy boxes or cards want shooting all im saying is if you bye a dodgy boxes or card wait till it goes down then try and find them that sold it you they have had your money and long gone when I was doing cards if any body want theres programing I told them straight no chance bye a programmer and ile show you how to do it and where to find the keys and that's it then when they go down sorry nowt to do with me I know one bloke in Nottingham used to take his card on the train to south end to get it done asked me to do his told him the same get a programmer ile show you and we are still mate now 15 / 20 years later if I program it and they go down im all the rip offs under the sun so no not interested in programming other peoples cards

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    Helpful thread,
    I have full world cup on my Kodi and thanks to Pro Sport Kodi Addon for helping me in watching FIFA.
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